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Drumming Core Skills - Building Muscle Memory

December 08, 20231 min read

I've heard it said many times before that repetition is the master of skill. Let's look at why it's important to build our core skills on the drumset.

Anyone who is good at what they do, got there through repetition. Whether you're doing something as a hobby or doing it as a pro, there's been a certain amount of repetition to develop core skills to get you to the level that you're at.

On the drums, it's important to develop our core skills if we want to move ahead in our playing. There are certain patterns that, if we master will get used over and over again for different things. We can then develop these to create new ideas and also expand our vocabulary on the drum set.

Often when I'm working with students and they're having difficulty playing something, it comes back to a basic skill that they haven't properly developed yet.

Let's look at why, developing core skills is such an important part of our development and learning as a drummer.

repetition is the master of skillCore Skills - Building Muscle MemoryOn the drums, it's important to develop our core skills
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Grant Collins

Grant’s influential and inventive dedication to the instrument has spanned over thirty years, in which time he has developed new techniques and instrument combinations. This extensive commitment has also seen him make significant global musical contributions, not only to the drums, but the music industry itself as his dedication extends from professional drumming, to corporate motivations, keynote presentations and also the highest of quality creative educational instruction.

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