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Snare Drum for Big Kit

May 12, 20242 min read

Grant here from Grant Drums Academy, and today I want to delve into the world of snare drums, specifically for my big kit. As many of you know, I've been rocking a monster kit for quite some time now, and snare selection is a crucial part of the equation.

For almost three decades, my go-to snare on the big kit was a classic 12x7 inch maple. Let's be honest, who wasn't chasing that Dennis Chambers crack back in the day? It served me well, offering that crisp, cutting sound.

But here's the thing: with a big kit, space is precious. Those 20-inch bass drums demand tight pedal placement. A 14-inch snare just wouldn't cut it – it cramped my leg positioning and limited my pedal reach.

Fast forward to the YouTube age, and my drumming explorations have taken a new turn. I'm incorporating more backbeats, and for those sections, I craved a deeper, fatter snare sound. The 12x7, while perfect for high tom sound in my solos, wasn't quite hitting the mark for these backbeats.

So, it was time for a change! Enter my trusty 13x5 maple snare. It's been hanging out in my collection for a while, but it finally got its moment six months ago. The beauty of this size? It offers the perfect balance. There's still enough room for my legs to navigate the pedals comfortably, without sacrificing that rich, full snare tone I needed for backbeats.

Change can be refreshing, and this switch has definitely been a positive one. Not only does the 13x5 give me the flexibility I need on the big kit, but it also delivers a sound that complements my evolving style perfectly.

This is just my experience, but hopefully, it sheds some light on snare selection for big kits. Remember, the right snare can make all the difference in your sound and playing experience.

Until next time, keep on groovin' and happy drumming!

14-inch snaresnare drumsclassic 12x7 inch maple snare13x5 maple snare
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