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With a combination of teaching approaches, contact points and student involvement, this new wave in education will engage students better and for longer.

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Learn new skills, be creative and have fun with your drumming.

Over 30 years of performance and education experience.

My name is Grant Collins and I want to instil a love for creating music in drummers of all levels and styles, while having fun at the same time! My music studio focuses on creating engaging and exciting virtual drum lessons from the comfort of your own home.

Why virtual? Virtual lessons are not only flexible and convenient but also allow the student to engage with the teacher in new ways such as learning with videos, apps, and a variety of camera angles. Students love how interactive virtual lessons are!

I have helped 1000's of students around the globe! I am a Pro-Certified Online Music Teacher and have designed a curriculum to transform students to go from where they are, to where they want to be. I’m always doing ongoing training to keep up with the best and most updated methods for learning music!

Lessons with each student include important listening skills, call and response, sight-reading activities, and exciting incentives for practice. Students also have free access to my DRUM CHOP ACCELERATOR Program which is included for permanent Online Students. They can ask questions, communicate, and share progress. There are weekly practice sessions and I host monthly group classes where students can can learn even more from their experience.

A System for Drumming Success

The Grant Drums Academy offers a comprehensive and personalised student journey, encompassing private lessons, Drum Chop Accelerator integration, Drum Dojo live workshops, community engagement, and progressive milestones, fostering precision, professionalism, and continuous growth in drumming excellence.

What do you get

when you learn with Grant?

Get Inspired Today

One to One Private Lessons

Virtual or in person

Grant is a highly experienced and sort after drum teacher. He will work with you to achieve your goals to get the most out of your drumming. Whether it's learning your favourite song, refining and developing your technique, preparing for an audition or exam, or playing complex odd time signatures, he's got it all covered.

What do we do in the lessons?

  • If you’re just starting out, I will put you on a proven program to get you comfortable holding the sticks, learning correct grip and playing beats.

  • If you’ve been playing for a while, we will look at your goals to map out a program that will get you there.

  • If you have an audition or exam, we will focus on that to get you in the best possible position to ace it.

  • If you’re doing music as a subject at school and need help with assignments, we will work on that.

  • If you want to learn to breathe fire, sorry you’re in the wrong spot.

Personal Guidance to help you on your way!

On Demand - Do Anytime!

You can simply log in, pick a practice workout and play along with me. The workouts are designed to nurture the core skills of drumming and give you the freedom to play whatever it is you want on the drumset.

With workouts, you will...

  • Build your core skills to be free on the drumset and express yourself fluidly.

  • Learn new and common patterns to develop your hands, feet, grooves and motion around the drumset.

  • Get a strong foundation with your limbs as well as your speed, dynamics and endurance.

If you have 10 mins, you can get in a workout!

Weekly - The Drum Dojo

Drum Fu

Sometimes getting the motivation to practice can be tough. To help with this, I will be holding regular Saturday morning practice sessions. You get to practice along with me as I guide you through the session. If you missed out on your practice during the week then this is your makeup time. If you’ve already done your practice, then this is a bonus!

With Saturday Sessions, you will…

  • Get to have Grant as your practice buddy and practice along with him.

  • Have a great focused session to get the sticks in your hands and build your skills.

  • Join in with other students to be motivated as a part of the group.

The best practice session of your week!

Student Virtual Recitals

Virtual Concert!

Students are invited to submit a video to be included in Virtual Recitals that showcase what they’ve been working on. Some students use footage from one of their recent band shows, some will use a clip from their YouTube channel, some will do a play along with one of their favourite songs and some will do a demonstration to show the latest thing they’ve been working on in their lessons with Grant.

For student recitals, you will...

  • Have an opportunity to showcase your drumming and music.

  • Feel that rush you get from a performance as you know the other students and their families will be watching.

  • Get you a goal and timeline to practice for.

Be Inspired and be Inspiring!

and Much More!

Student Testimonials

Inspiration & Education

"Developed my technique to another level"

"He's brought out a lot of nuances within my playing and developed my technique to another level. I'm playing many of the things that I used to play but they sound so much better. He's also helped me with the ergonomics of my drumset which has made me feel so much comfortable when I sit behind the kit and more relaxed with my playing."

Chris Bland

Funk Knuckle

"More confidence, flow and musicality"

"Since starting up lessons with Grant I'm now playing with much more confidence, flow and musicality. He‘s exposed me to many drumming techniques, approaches and mindsets and always knows how to challenge me to get the best out of me. I’ll often think something's beyond my capabilities, but he always knows the right approach to get me moving forward."

David Shaw

Inexcess, Meatloaf Show

"Given me the big picture about music"

"My lessons with Grant have helped me not just become a much better drummer, but also really given me a big picture about music and how it works. He guided and prepared me with my audition for the Queensland Conservatorium and then helped me all throughout doing my Bachelor of Music to progress my drumming with approaches and concepts that I never thought I'd be doing."

Richard Yeh


World Class Education

World Class Skills

"You will remember it for the rest of your life"

Dom Famularo

World Drumming Ambassador

"It's not often I hear someone who is on the cutting edge of modern drum-set performance. Well, in Australia I heard that person… Grant Collins! When you hear him, be prepared for the ride he will take you on… you will remember it for the rest of your life."

"Collins’ drumming skills are world-class"

Mike Haid

Modern Drummer Magazine

"Anyone who can play “Three Camps” with their feet deserves attention. Australia’s Grant Collins takes the Bozzio one-man-percussion orchestra to new heights by incorporating advanced Donati/Lang ambidextrous double pedal abilities and amazing four-limb independence. Collins’ drumming skills are world-class. It’s hard to imagine a human acoustic drumkit performer advancing much beyond this level."

"Led a musical revolution"

Sarah Woods

Arts Hub Australia

"Grant Collins, the virtuoso drummer who made up the other half of the Full Metal Racket performance that night, led a musical revolution. His “multi-timbral soundscapes” shattered any preconceived notions about the artistic capacity of drumming. His compositions were complex and surprisingly narrative. But how can drumming be narrative? I guess it was a had-to-be-there experience!"

What Level Are You?

I've got you covered!

My programs and instruction are designed to help you along your drumming journey

with a productive system for maximum results.

What if there was a way to take your playing to the next level, expand your drumming and achieve the skills that you've been looking for?

Specialising in drum lessons for all levels.

No matter where you are in your drumming journey, I've got you covered.

Focused programs: In-depth, step by step instruction on a range of topics and styles to help you achieve results in your own time. I've designed the courses based off countless hours in the studio and the structure of one-on-one lessons. So I know how to deliver the right information at the right time and the importance of highlighting trouble spots that frequently come up throughout the learning process.

Many of these courses are also based off the materials and lesson plans with students studying at Conservatoriums and Universities, so now you too can have access to this extended knowledge and take your drumming to the next level!

I have a huge focus on creativity and how to leverage your current skills with modern approaches to the kit and how to develop your own sound.

If you are serious about improving your playing, then you are in the right place.

Want to see Grant in Action?

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I've been there...

Learning new things can be tough. I know what it feels like to think you’re not able to do something or don’t have the confidence that you can work through it to get this new skill. I’ve learned how to break down these barriers and share with you the processes to move forward and advance your playing. This is what I do!

I’ve been there and I know how you feel.

About me

I’m Dr. Grant Collins and I’m here to help you reach the next level in your playing.

I’ve been fortunate to have been a professional musician for over 30 years. Yes, this has been my full time career for this long. My background allows me to relate to a variety of different students and their origins on the drums. I started without lessons, just listening to and working out what drummers were playing on my favourite records.


My origin as a professional musician was playing in a full time professional covers band. This is a great learning platform for any musician. We had a huge repertoire of songs and I would constantly have to learn new songs every week as the latest hits would come out. I learn’t everything by ear so this taught me a great deal about hearing and understanding what the drummer does in a song and how song writing structures work. I began to realise what the better drummers were doing and how they shaped their drum parts to support the song. I was very meticulous in learning the material and would sit down with headphones, going over each bar, so that I had every single hi hat opening, ride bell and other parts so I could be as close to the original drum part as possible.

As I progressed with my learning, I started looking at doing formal studies to advance my musical skills further. I started to audition at conservatories and universities. Unfortunately my music theory skills were well down in comparison to my drumming skills so I was unsuccessful in my first attempts. I then started to get music theory lessons and after 3 years of auditioning, I was accepted to do my Bachelor of Music. I’ve since gone on to become a Doctor of Music so I have the formal qualifications as well as my on the road experiences to relate to both sides of the spectrum. I’ve also been a conservatorium lecturer and have written course curriculums for subjects so have the skills and know how to structure a course. 

As well as that, I’ve travelled around the world doing concerts and also for my sponsors doing hundreds of clinics, masterclasses and percussion festivals over the past 25+ years. I’ve also done countless hours of private tuition for a wide range of students doing everything from playing in local bands to going to university to winning national drum competitions.

I’ve spent an innumerable number of hours exploring and discovering this awesome instrument and love to share not only the what, but also the how and why on all things drums. I love the creative aspect of music and like to look at ideas from a different perspective. Doing this helps us to discover alternative ways to play things and leads to finding your own individual voice on the instrument. I’m super excited about putting these programs together and would love to be able to transform and inspire your personal music journey.

Let's have a chat and I can answer all you questions

 Beyond just lessons, this call is a chance to connect with Grant, understand his teaching philosophy, and embark on a rhythmic journey that transcends the ordinary. Book now to start your drumming adventure and unleash your musical potential with Grant's expertise and enthusiasm.

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