The Secret Weapon: Building Core Drumming Skills

The Secret Weapon: Building Core Drumming Skills

June 30, 20242 min read

Core Skills & Repetition are the keys to reach new levels in your drumming. Let's look at why and how you can do it.

Drums like learning any skill needs some work in the background to help us be free to play the music that we want.

At GRANTDRUMS ACADEMY, we have have clear focused workouts that work on core skill without distractions that can maximise your results and make you better at playing the drums.

As the legendary motivational coach Anthony Robbins says, ‘repetition is the mastery of skill’. With the repetition of a core skill, we’re not just training ourselves to learn that skill, but also preparing our brain and body to deal better with the next skill that we work on.

If you look at basketball master Michael Jordan, he was already a legend in the sport with phenomenal skills, yet when the team practice finished and everyone went home, he would stay behind and practice free throws (basically standing and shooting for baskets). Some would say that this is a basic skill of basketball, yet we have a master of the sport still putting in time (repetition) to get better at it.

It’s as much a mind game as it is anything else. Getting yourself to commit to sit down and do something repetitively can take some self talk and self motivation. One issue preventing us from having that drive is that we’re thinking too small. Don’t just think about the exercise that you’re doing.

If you have the big picture of what you want in your head, you know how important the core skills are and how they will help you on your path. This is how I think and it makes practice super exciting!

I know for me, that I never get bored or drift off when doing the workouts. Why? Well there’s so much that I need to be focusing on such as:

  • Stick heights

  • Dynamics

  • Timing

  • Consistency

  • Flow

  • Staying relaxed

These things keep me engaged and focused to make sure that I’m maximising my time to get the best results. The repetition allows me to keep fine tuning things to make them feel more natural and in a flow state.

I really enjoy this part of learning the drums and know how solid I feel playing even a simple groove after doing a few great workout sessions.

The more time we can get with the sticks in our hands, the more comfortable we will be on the drums.


If you’ve got 10 mins, you can get in a workout!

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Grant Collins

Grant’s influential and inventive dedication to the instrument has spanned over thirty years, in which time he has developed new techniques and instrument combinations. This extensive commitment has also seen him make significant global musical contributions, not only to the drums, but the music industry itself as his dedication extends from professional drumming, to corporate motivations, keynote presentations and also the highest of quality creative educational instruction.

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