Bringing the highest level of Programs and Workshops to Schools and Communities

Whether you are looking for a specialised workshop with serious music students or an introduction for an enjoyable musical experience, Grant has programs and workshops to cater for all levels. Workshops are available for single classes, entire music or school population and community projects and events.

All workshops have been carefully crafted by Grant, drawing on his 30+ years of performance and education experience

What teachers say about Grant:


"Truely Inspiring"

A truly inspiring performance! The students were still buzzing hours later. The passion and enthusiasm that you display when you perform truly inspires your listeners. You are a testament to how musicians can not only love music and playing but make a living as well. Thank you for an amazing and truly educational performance.
Natasha Materne
Coomera Anglican College

“Master of his Medium”

Grant Collins is a Master of his medium, giving people who are hungry for more life the wisdom, insights, understanding, and inspiration they need to achieve it. Your message was right on target with our industries event and you presented in such a way as to reach everyone in the audience.
Mike Tyler
Education Queensland

"A Great Change Agent"

You did a great job coveying your passion for what it takes to be successful. there was so much spirit in the room and the attendees were quite excited. Hearing your stories and anecdotes motivated our students to pursue their dreams. We value so much the work you do for us. You are a great change agent and inspiration to young people.
Julie Peachey
HOD Arts Corinda SHS


Education through inspiration and innovation

Body Percussion

An experience the students will remember for a long time!

My Body Percussion program works with students on how to use their body to create rhythm and sound. As well as fun building block exercises, students will learn how to play beats and challenge themselves in this enjoyable, physical and interactive workshop. Students will be challenged with physical coordination and memory retention activities as they learn how to use their body and make music with physical movement.

Bucket Drumming

"Lots of fun. It gave me inspiration to make my own classroom more active"

Let me bring the world of Bucket Drumming to your group. This is a highly energetic and interactive workshop where students will learn to play rhythms and beats using sticks and buckets. Students are encouraged to participate, with team building being a focus for putting group pieces together. Bucket Patrol has also been extremely successful with disengaged boys groups for schools and communities.

Be The Beat

"Inspiring and energetic from the first beat to the last"

A highly interactive Hybrid Arts Workshop designed to engage students from start to finish, as they become the star performers in this exciting blend of dance and rhythm. Working as a team becomes an essential part of the performance as groups work together to learn about and perform spirited South American pieces. This unique Hybrid Arts experience is part workshop / part performance and offers engaging content for all year levels!

Grant uses his Drumset and African Djembe to lead the group through different rhythms and movement which combine for a percussion extravaganza. Oh, and let's not forget the Samba Dance party to close the session!


Add a professional touch for your event

Add value to your School’s Calendar Events by incorporating Grant into the experience. This creates an exciting opportunity for staff, students and parents as you bring a world-leading artist to your school. It is a great way to add that extra touch of professionalism that is usually exclusive for large festivals and corporations. It is the perfect way to have either a one-off experience with Grant or to conclude an AIR visit. Join those schools that have incorporated Grant into their calendar events and achieved student and staff motivation as well as publicity advantages for the school.

Music Camps

Many schools have enjoyed the benefits of Grant’s presence at their annual band camps. It has proven an inspired occasion where students have been able to interact and share the benefits of Grant’s 30 years of experience in the industry. He will enthuse students to practice and to view music as a path for a possible career as opposed to being just a hobby.

Grant incorporates an inspirational drum set performance to show the students the power of a high quality performance and how setting real and exciting goals can lead to a successful life in the industry. As well as the motivating session with all of the music students, Grant also includes a workshop with the percussion ensemble for some quality time with inside tips and techniques.

Awards Nights

Leading companies in all areas of business use the advantage of having top professionals influence at their events. This is a value and level of professionalism that you can add to your schools night of nights. Grant had applied the principles of success with tremendous achievements and has become a leading innovator in his field. This combined with his ability to communicate to such a wide demographic will add overwhelming worth to your schools night of nights!

A featured artist with your Stage/Concert Band

Have Grant perform with your Stage Band or as a featured artist at your school concert. What an awesome chance to have some serious up-close interaction with students! This presents the perfect opportunity for you to incorporate Grant into your schools calendar event. Take advantage of this opportunity and students will be revelling in the experience of playing in an ensemble with Grant. If you would like Grant to play with your stage band, all you need do is simply send a copy of the chart/s and a basic recording. There will be a rehearsal before the show and then prepare to blow your audience away!

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