Unleash Your Inner Groove Machine: Sextuplet Motion Workout

Unleash Your Inner Groove Machine: Sextuplet Motion Workout

July 04, 20242 min read

Buckle up for a killer workout that will transform your drumming fluidity and motion around the kit!

Sextuplet Power:

This session revolves around sextuplets, played with a right-left-right-left hand pattern and double bass drum kicks (right foot-left foot). Imagine six evenly spaced notes across one beat. Start by practicing this on the snare drum:

Right left right left, foot foot (snare hits)

Building the Foundation:

Mastering this basic sticking pattern is key. Think of it as a four-stroke ruff with added bass drum action. If this feels challenging, revisit the "Bass Drum Doubles" workout to strengthen your footwork.

Moving Around the Kit:

Now comes the fun part – adding motion! Our primary target will be the floor tom. The pattern involves transitioning between the snare, high tom, middle tom, and back to the high tom, all while landing on the floor tom on beats 1, 3, and 4. It's two hits per drum as you navigate the kit.

Visualize the Flow:

Imagine a visual path connecting the drums. The goal is to move smoothly and efficiently between them, striking the floor tom on designated beats.

Benefits Beyond Coordination:

This workout isn't just about physical movement. It can also reveal any ergonomic issues with your drum setup. If you find yourself straining to reach certain drums, consider adjusting your setup for optimal flow.

Building Speed and Musicality:

As you gain comfort, gradually increase the tempo. The ultimate goal is to internalize this groove and use it to build powerful and expressive fills and intensity in your drumming.

Ready to Rock?

This workout is your gateway to smooth, dynamic drumming. Practice it regularly, and soon you'll be incorporating these sextuplet motions with ease, adding a whole new dimension to your musical expression.

See You on the Inside!

We've got tons more resources to help you elevate your drumming to the next level.

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