“…shattered any preconceived notions about the artistic capacity of drumming.”

Grant Collins, the virtuoso drummer who made up the other half of the Full Metal Racket performance that night, led a musical revolution. His “multi-timbral soundscapes” shattered any preconceived notions about the artistic capacity of drumming. His compositions were complex and surprisingly narrative. But how can drumming be narrative? I guess it was a had-to-be-there experience!

Sarah Woods
Arts Hub Australia

Grant is one of the forerunners in the industry, forever pushing the limits and confines of music and leading cutting edge, creative and unconventional drumming. His approach defies stereotypical drum set methodologies with his innovative and enthralling solo drum set compositions. He uses all four limbs both individually and as a collective to present multi-timbral sound scapes, defining the drum set as a contemporary solo instrument for the world stage.

Through his determination, Grant has developed powerful and modern drum set solo performances, which have captivated audiences not only in Australia, but around the world. Grant’s vivacious and dynamic one man show is a reflection of his infatuation with the drums, which has seen him tour and perform as an international artist at many concert halls across the globe. Not only does Grant attack the boundaries of a solo performer, he also pushes the restrictions of his instrument to create ground-breaking ingenious works. Grant’s sell out performances have also been trumped with feature presentations on countless radio stations and television programmes. These high accolades have also been received for Grant’s DVD Live @ The Tivoli – The Official Bootleg and his CD’s Primal Instinct and Dogboy, for which he has received exceptional reviews from around the world.

Grant’s instrument is as unique as his creative musical attributes. His one of a kind custom drum-set is valued at over $75,000 and takes his team two hours to assemble. The drum-set consists of almost eighty pieces with twenty six drums, thirty four cymbals, and eighteen foot pedals, prompting comments on the kit looking ‘more like an artistic sculpture than an instrument’, as the Morning Bulletin published.

The extensive skills of Grant Collins go beyond his abilities to create and use such an intense drum set. Currently, he is in the process of completing his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in composition and performance, which has supported his international growth and reputation. Grant’s academic and educational sectors have also benefited from his near completion of the PhD. His active involvement with the Queensland Arts Council and Education Queensland has delivered some of the highest quality educational workshops in schools throughout Queensland and Australia.

Internationally renowned drummer, Dom Famularo, has travelled the world with many great drummers. He was quoted saying;

It is not often I hear someone who is on the cutting edge of modern drum-set performance. Well, in Australia I heard that person…Grant Collins! When you hear him, be prepared for the ride he will take you on…you will remember it for the rest of your life


“…sensational drumming skills and natural showmanship…”

Grant Collins has a wonderful audience rapport.  His performance is dynamic and electrically charged.  His sense of humour, well-honed and sensational drumming skills and natural showmanship make him an extraordinary stage performer.  He is highly disciplined and is always keen to explore new ways of connecting with his audiences.
Jane Atkins
Manager, Queensland Arts Council

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