As well as Grant’s professional drumming career, he shares a dedication for the education of students through private instruction, In-Schools programs, Workshops and also through mentoring seminars.

Grant’s motto of ‘Education Thru Inspiration and Innovation’ rings true with every student in both private and schools coaching. From the beginning student through to the seasoned professional, Grant has the insight, inspiration and information for aspiring musicians of all levels.

This has been will documented throughout his international tours as a clinician and educator where he has inspired thousands from around the globe.

Check out the following of Grant’s inspiring educational programs:

"Your message was right on target…"

Grant Collins is a Master of his medium, giving people who are hungry for more life the wisdom, insights, understanding, and inspiration they need to achieve it.

Your message was right on target with our industries event and you presented in such a way as to reach everyone in the audience. You spoke our language by incorporating key phrases that are part of our daily business activities…

Mike Tyler
Senior Education Officer, Education Queensland

Add value to your School’s Calendar Events by incorporating Grant into the experience. This creates an exciting opportunity for staff, students and parents as you bring a world-leading artist to your school. It is a great way to add that extra touch of professionalism that is usually exclusive for large festivals and corporations.

Grant Collins In-Schools programs offer the highest of quality workshops for both primary and secondary students, which are fully accredited by Queensland Education. By considering involvement, learning, educational needs and abilities of students, workshops are designed for full engagement of all participants. Grant has incorporated over 20+ years of industry performance and educational experience into every element of the programs, which guarantee maximum results.

This is a new initiative by Grant to come into your school to further reach students and enable them to have close and personal access to one of the countries leading artists. All activities of the Artist in Residence (AIR) program have been designed to give skills to students looking to advance in the Performing Arts.

As well as being a world-renowned performer, Grant has also established himself as a leader in the field of education. He has taught students and delivered workshops to thousands in many different countries. He has inspired students and taught not just the basic skills required but also how to gain the leading edge in preparing for auditions, competitions and performances.

He also coaches other teachers on delivery and content for how to get the best out of their own students as well as focusing on making music your life career.

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To explore bringing Grant out to your school or organisation, please complete the easy the on-line booking information form or contact us as:

Introducing Skype Lessons!
Grant now offers drums lessons via Skype. This allows drumming students from around the world to receive lessons from Grant no matter where you are!Lessons.html
Download Grant’s In-School Brochure for your teacher
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