Sick of losing focus and trying every drum exercise you can find on YouTube?

You know that you need to practice but it's hard to focus on what it is you need to do. You're lacking the motivation and accountability to make it happen. I'll keep things simple, keep you on track and focus on results. I do all of the workouts myself so join along with me and l

et's do this together!

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Here’s the thing: building your core skills isn’t rocket science…

…but it does take a process to build momentum for the path of improvement.

If you can’t do a single paradiddle at your desired tempo, you’ll be restricted as to how far you can take a double paradiddle, paradiddle diddle etc.

You can’t play a fast flowing syncopated bass drum part if you don’t have your doubles on the foot up to scratch.

You need a firm grip on moving a simple fill around the toms before you can take it to the next level.

It takes learning the core skills to build a foundation that you can develop and progress your skills. If you get confident with these, it will boost your learning in other areas opens the doors to becoming a better drummer. You can get in more quality practice in less time for better results, simply by showing up and doing these workouts.

These core skills work for any musical style. So if it works, why aren’t you doing it? If you’re ready to get on track, get focused and achieve the next level in your drumming, then come and join me for my….



These will see you build your hand speed and endurance so that you have extra confidence when you get on the kit.


We're not going to forget your bass drum! These workouts will keep it simple and your foot will love you for it.


How confident are you moving around the kit? These exercises will get you strong, confident and flowing around the kit.

I’m giving you the tools to help take your playing to the next level!

Accelerated Progress with Guided Precision

Step into a realm of meticulously curated workout videos and lessons, each session led by Grant. Tailored to cover an extensive range of tempos, these exercises are designed to precisely match and challenge your current skill level. Elevate your drumming with focused, calculated precision.

Efficiency in Every Beat

In a world where time is of the essence, Drum Chop Accelerator stands out with workouts that demand just 10 minutes of your day. This streamlined approach ensures your commitment to progress remains unwavering, allowing you to stay focused and dedicated.

Ready to refine your drumming craft and connect with an awesome community of drummers?

Enrol in the Drum Chop Accelerator at Grant Drums. Elevate your precision, hone your skills, and forge professional connections within our dynamic drumming community.

Network in a Friendly Community

Connect with like-minded drummers in our community hub. Share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate achievements within a professional network that resonates with your commitment to drumming excellence.

Strategic Development for Every Drummer

Drum Chop Accelerator caters to drummers at every stage of their journey. From beginners seeking foundational skills to seasoned professionals refining their technique, the program offers a strategic platform for targeted development.

Unlock Precision, Unleash Professionalism

Drum Chop Accelerator is not just a program; it's a gateway to unlocking your drumming precision and unleashing a level of professionalism that sets you apart in the rhythm world.

About me

I’m Dr. Grant Collins and I’m here to help you reach the next level in your playing.

I’ve been fortunate to have been a professional musician for over 35 years. Yes, this has been my full time career for this long. My background allows me to relate to a variety of different students and their origins on the drums. I started without lessons, just listening to and working out what drummers were playing on my favourite records.

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My origin as a professional musician was playing in a full time professional covers band. This is a great learning platform for any musician. We had a huge repertoire of songs and I would constantly have to learn new songs every week as the latest hits would come out. I learn’t everything by ear so this taught me a great deal about hearing and understanding what the drummer does in a song and how song writing structures work. I began to realise what the better drummers were doing and how they shaped their drum parts to support the song. I was very meticulous in learning the material and would sit down with headphones, going over each bar, so that I had every single hi hat opening, ride bell and other parts so I could be as close to the original drum part as possible.

As I progressed with my learning, I started looking at doing formal studies to advance my musical skills further. I started to audition at conservatories and universities. Unfortunately my music theory skills were well down in comparison to my drumming skills so I was unsuccessful in my first attempts. I then started to get music theory lessons and after 3 years of auditioning, I was accepted to do my Bachelor of Music. I’ve since gone on to become a Doctor of Music so I have the formal qualifications as well as my on the road experiences to relate to both sides of the spectrum. I’ve also been a conservatorium lecturer and have written course curriculums for subjects so have the skills and know how to structure a course. 

As well as that, I’ve travelled around the world doing concerts and also for my sponsors doing hundreds of clinics, masterclasses and percussion festivals over the past 25+ years. I’ve also done countless hours of private tuition for a wide range of students doing everything from playing in local bands to going to university to winning national drum competitions.

I’ve spent an innumerable number of hours exploring and discovering this awesome instrument and love to share not only the what, but also the how and why on all things drums. I love the creative aspect of music and like to look at ideas from a different perspective. Doing this helps us to discover alternative ways to play things and leads to finding your own individual voice on the instrument. I’m super excited about putting these programs together and would love to be able to transform and inspire your personal music journey.



Ralph Marston

What's Inside?


Each workout covers multiple levels. So if you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, I've got you covered!

Here’s a look at a couple of workouts inside the


Intro for the

'Herta' Workout


Intro for the

"Bass Drum Doubles 2" Workout


Intro for the

'Chicken in a Biscuit - Kit' Workout

As a member of the DRUM CHOP ACCELERATOR

You also get complimentary access to the ⿎ DRUM DOJO !


If you're ready to take to take you're playing to the next level,

I'd love to help you improve and develop your drumming...

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Weekly Live Drum Dojo Sessions

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Weekly Live Drum Dojo Sessions

Full Access to Workouts

Exclusive Discounts on Courses




Weekly Live Drum Dojo Sessions

Full Access to Workouts

Exclusive Discounts on Courses

This is something you can benefit from whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro. I do these workouts myself regularly to keep and build my skills, so I know that it works.

You'll get a bunch of workouts that will build your skills, keep you accountable, on track and take you playing to another level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Grant Drums - Drum Chop Accelerator  at any time?

Yes! We have an evergreen school which means enrolments are always open. You can simply pick your plan from Monthly or Yearly enrolments to sign up.

How long after I purchase the course can I start up?

After purchasing, you will set up your login details and then can start the course straight away!

How do I view the lessons?

Super simple! You can watch your video lessons right from within the platform. After you purchase and login, you can view from any device. *Internet is required.

How do I cancel my membership?

Subscription accounts operate on an automatic renewal system. Opting for the monthly plan results in your account renewing every 30 days. If you select the 6-month or yearly pass, automatic renewals will occur every 6 months or 12 months, respectively. This renewal process continues until you submit a cancellation request.

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